Lives Changed

“6 mos ago my wife and I decided that we would begin to focus on our health.  My wife had been struggling with Diabetes 2  (tired, sore back, etc.) and High blood pressure.  I had problems sleeping, waking up several times a night, headaches and a old knee injury that began to get weaker (I had to hold on to railings just to help myself up the stairs).  We are both in our Mid-fifties.

My wife was currently under a doctors care.  She recomended diet and exercise but when you come home from work after a very long day,…who has the energy?   Our schedule was very hectic.   I began to see a Doctor for a general check-up.  The Doctor recommended some preliminary tests for someone my age.  I also began to monitor my BP.  It showed that I was stage 2 hypertension on my 1st number and border-line on my 2nd.

Fortunately, I ran into an acquaintenance who shared with me his relationship with a company that promoted Plant-Based, All-natural health products.  We tried the sample and they left a “gift” of more samples for both me and my wife.

Within 15 days, both my wife and I began to notice a difference.  We both experienced more energy and slept better.  I also noticed that my knee began to gain strength and my headaches were gone .  After a month, we noticed more improvements – better memory, more focus and we were more relaxed (no more fighting).  

Work is more productive.  The quality of our relationship has improved.  Life is fun again. 

Rick & Mona F.



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